Our Team

Matthew Thompson


After over a decade in the financial service sector, with various roles in people leading and client management, Matthew decided that it was time to quit chasing imaginary squirrels and follow his passion for animals. Matthew's experiences have contributed to his ability to ascertain customer needs, his top notch time management and planning, and the ability to deliver exceptional client service. Upon embarking on this entrepreneurial journey Matthew felt it was fitting to name his venture Chasing Squirrels Pet Services as the acknowledgement of that particular activity that led him here. 

As a pet owner Matthew has experience in raising cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, chinchillas, anoles, and even an iguana. He hopes that his playful and often humourous outlook is just what is needed to brighten the days of clients and animals in his care.

Lorena Thompson

Pet Specialist

Accountant by trade, dog lover by nature would be the best way to describe Lorena. Lorena has had a family dog in her home continuously since the day she was born and currently has 2 dogs and 2 cats. Lorena believes that pets are more than just animals in a home but are rather an integral part of families. With her caring nature, she will make sure your animals are treated as if they were one of her own.

As Lorena works full time at an accounting firm she is only available on evenings and weekends to take care of your animals.