Lizards & Small Mammals

Although not as common as our canine and feline pets we at Chasing Squirrels Pet Services understand the needs of our lizard and small mammal friends.

Dust baths, cage cleanings, cricket feedings? We've done them all as pet owners ourselves. We work with you to set up a personalised plan to fit your pets needs while you are away.


Keys are to be provided directly to the sitter or left in a detailed envelop with security (if available). An additional charge will apply if key pick up is required (if keys are not provided at the initial meet and greet).

Extra food, bedding, and other supplies should be available to ensure supplies last the duration of the scheduled services

Single Daily Visit

Requests can be made for AM or PM visit


Additional pets receive a 35% discount

Two Daily Visits

Visits will occur in the AM and PM


Additional pets receive a 35% discount

Holiday Visits

Single Daily Visit


Two Daily Visits


Additional pets receive a 35% discount

Methods of Payment

At this time we accept cash and e-transfer payments.