Dogs & Puppies

Much like people we at Chasing Squirrels Pet Services appreciate that every dog has a unique personality. This is why we arrange for a complimentary meet and greet with you and your fur baby prior to the commencement of any service. A key should be provided to Chasing Squirrels Pet Services at the conclusion of the meet and greet. An additional charge will apply if a key pick up is required at a different date.

We provide treats to your pets on all walks in order to promote and reward positive behaviour. In order to respect any potential allergy and dietary restrictions we will only share these treats with your best friend(s) at your discretion.

For our group walks we strive to match similar personalities and sizes in order to foster positive social experiences for your dog(s) and our walkers. 


All dogs must have secure collars with name tags and phone numbers attached at all times

We do not utilize retractable leashes and highly recommend a 6' leash and harness. A 6' leash & harness can be rented on a per walk basis for an additional fee.

All dogs over the age of 12 months must be neutered or spayed and vaccinations must be up to date

Puppies may move to the group walk plans at 4 months old as long as they've received their 3rd set of shots

Puppy rates apply to any dog under the age of 6 months that does not partake in group or private walks

All dogs must be good with other dogs, new people, and walk with minimal pulling

Dog Walking

Group Walk

Our group walks are great for your dogs social skills. 

(max 3 dogs per household)

Available Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 4 pm

30 min walk: $20

60 min walk: $25

Walk Plans

Weekly (5 walks)

30 min walk: $95

60 min walk: $120

Monthly (22 walks)

30 min walk: $396

60 min walk:  $506

Please inquire through our Contact Us form.

Private Walk

Single household walks (up to 3 dogs) that allow a more personalized approach for your pooch.

Visits to city designated enclosed off leash dog parks may be selected with this service.

Available Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 4 pm

30 min walk: $90

60 min walk: $112

Walk Plans

Weekly and monthly package rates available. Please inquire through our Contact Us form.

Evening & Weekend Walk

Evening Walk

Evening walks may be arranged for weeknights between 6 pm - 9 pm and may occur in either a group or private setting based on our schedule.

For rates please inquire through our Contact Us form.

Weekend Walk

Weddings, weekend getaways, or just a busy work weekend? We have you covered. Weekend walks can be arranged in either group or private settings.

For rates please inquire through our Contact Us form.

Holiday Walk

Plans have you leaving the city for a holiday long weekend? Or maybe it's a Christmas away?

If your best friend can't make the trip with you reach out via our Contact Us form and we will work with you to make it a stress free holiday.

Puppy Care

Single Visit Daily


$24 per visit


$115 for 5 visits


$484 for 22 visits

Two Visits Daily


$43 per day


$210 for 5 days


$900 for 22 days

Multiple dogs in your household? No problem at all. Receive a 15% discount on your second dog and a 20% discount if you have 3+ dogs.*

*this discount only applies to dogs in the same household with the same address

Methods of Payment

At this time we accept cash and e-transfer payments.