Dog Walking

Chasing Squirrels offers a variety of dog walking options. These are Group Walk, Private Walk, Evening Walk, and Holiday Walk.

All regular Group walks are daily, Monday to Friday, between 9:30am - 4:00pm.

City designated enclosed off leash dog park visits may be arranged via our private walk services and are only available to existing clients.

Going away for a few days? We offer services to ensure your pooch doesn't feel lonely wih the option of remaining in the comfort of their own home. Please Contact Us for further details.

In addition, all dog walking services can be paired with food, water, and yard clean up (backyard poop and scoop) upgrades. Inquire about pricing for these add-ons.

Private, Evening, Weekend, and Holiday walks are available depending on our schedule.


Puppy Care

Puppy Care appointments are 30 - 45 minutes in length with the option of 1 or 2 daily visits.

Puppy care visits can be arranged as a one on one or you may choose to have one of the Chasing Squirrels family fur babies brought along for increased social interaction.

Packages include the option of food and water refills as well as clean up of any messes, including changing pee pads.

Each visit includes an option to receive an email update and/or a photo of your new best friend.


Cat Care

Our cat care packages will keep your bundle of feline royalty happy, fed, and completely at ease while you are away.

Chasing Squirrels offers weekday, weekend, and holiday packages so that you can enjoy your vacation and relax in the knowledge that your precious kitty is being cared for.

Cat care packages include food and water top up, optional treats, and 30 - 40 minutes of interactive play. Litter box changes may also be requested at no extra charge.

As part of the cat care packages we provide the option to have us collect your mail, water plants (outdoor ones too), and rotate lights on in your home each day at no extra cost. 


Lizards & Small Mammals

Chasing Squirrels provides full pet care services for all of your smaller mammal and scaled friends.

Whether you need us to arrange a dust bath for your chinchilla, feed a few crickets to your anole or change the bedding for lil' Hammy hampster we are more than happy to ensure your pets are fully cared for.


Other Animals

  • Please inquire for any anim​als and/or services that are not listed above

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Methods of Payment

At this time we accept cash and e-transfer payments.

Cancellation Policies

Please refer to our dog walking and pet services agreements for all cancellation policies.